Поставте глагол to be в нужной форме

Упражнения на отработку глагола to be. Exercises verb to be

Сегодня сосредоточимся на отработке глагола to bе и выполним несколько интересных упражнений. Но вначале предлагаю вспомнить правила употребления глагола to be.

Вспомнили? Отлично! Переходим к упражнениям. Все упражнения на глагол to be даются с ответами, поэтому не забывайте проверить свои знания!

Глагол to be в Present Simple. Am / is /are exercises.

Упражнение 1. Fill in the gaps as in the example.

Long Form

Short Form

Negative Form

Negative Short Form

1. We are students.

2. He is from Spain.

3. You are a singer.

4. It is a picture.

5. They are actors.

B We are not students.

C We aren’t students.

Упражнение 2. Complete what Brenda says about herself on the picture. Use am, is or are.

My name (1) ______ Brenda Foster. I (2) ______ on the left in the picture. I (3) ______ ten years old and I (4) ______ in the fifth form. My birthday (5) _____ on the first of January. I (6) ______ from Santa Monica, California, USA. I (7) ______ American. My phone number (8) ______ 235-456-789. I live at 16 Park Street. My post code (9) ______ LA 30 SM. I’ve got a sister and a brother. Their names (10) ______ Gina and Paul. Gina (11) ______ 16 years old and Paul (12) ______ only three. I’ve also got a dog. His name (13) ______ Spot. He (14) ______ on the right in the picture. My Mum (15) ______ a doctor. She works at a hospital. My Dad (16) ______ a driver. He works in Los Angeles. We (17) ______ all friendly in our family.

Упражнение 3 . The verb to be. Insert appropriate present forms.

A: Hi, Alex. How (1) _________ you?

B: Hello David. I (2) _________ fine and how (3) _________ you doing?

A: I (4) _________doing fine.

B: How (5) _________ your sister? Where (6) _________she now?

A: She (7) _________ in London. She (8) _________learning English there.

B: Really? That (9) _________wonderful! How about your parents?

A; They (10) _________ fine too. They (11) _________ in Cyprus now.

B: (12) _________ you busy tonight?

A: Not really, why?

B: We (13) _________ having a party. Would you like to come?

B: Then come to our place at 7:00 p.m.

Упражнение 4 . Write in is / isn’t, are / aren’t, am / ’m not.

  1. I __________ lazy.
  2. My friend ___________ naughty.
  3. My granny___________ kind.
  4. My granddad ___________clever.
  5. My teachers___________ funny.
  6. I___________ a bad pupil.

Упражнение 5. Fill in is, are, He’s, She’s, l’m, They’re.

  1. How _____ your mum? — _______ fine, thanks.
  2. How _____ your parents? — _____ OK.
  3. How _____ you? — _____ very well, thank you.
  4. How _____ your uncle? — _____ fine, thanks.
  5. How _____ your children? — _____ OK.
  6. How _____ Liz? — _____ fine, thanks.
  7. How _____ your cousin? — _____ very well, thank you

Упражнение 6. Write in am /’m not, is / isn’t or are / aren’t.

  1. I _____ a businessman.
  2. I _____ a pupil.
  3. My friends_____ teachers.
  4. My uncle_____ a driver.
  5. My parents _____ doctors.
  6. My cousins _____ vets.
  7. My mum _____ a shop-assistant.

Упражнение 7. Write in is /are

1. How much ________ the trousers?

2. How much ________ these shorts?

3. How much ________ a pair of socks?

4. How much ________ this scarf?

5. How much ________ this dress?

6. How much ________ the jeans?

Упражнение 8. Write in is / are

  1. These trousers _______ £30.
  2. This hat _______ £5.
  3. The socks _______£3.
  4. How much _______ the shoes?
  5. How much _______ the jacket?

Глагол to be в Past Simple. Was / were exercises.

Упражнение 9. Write in was / were

  1. _________ Jenny at the party?
  2. _________ Lumpy quiet yesterday?
  3. _________ you in Kongo?
  4. _________ your parents in the local gym yesterday?
  5. _________ your friend at school yesterday?
  6. _________ you happy yesterday?
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Упражнение 10 . Write in was / were

  1. _______ your mum tired yesterday?
  2. _______ you hungry yesterday evening?
  3. _______ it cold yesterday?
  4. _______ your teacher sad yesterday?
  5. _______ your pet hungry yesterday?

Упражнение 11 . Write in was / were

The third day _______ Wednesday. The boys _______ in the swimming-pool. Steve _______ the fastest swimmer! On Thursday we _______ at the circus! The bears _______ funny! The fifth day _______ Friday. In the morning we _______ in the zoo.

Комплексные упражнения на отработку to be.

Упражнение 12. Вставьте глагол to be в нужном времени. (Present Simple / Past simple / Present Perfect / Future Simple)

  1. Fred _____ thirteen now.
  2. «____ you English? «No, l _________.
  3. Her name _____ Ann.
  4. «______ David a good friend?» «Yes, he _______».
  5. __________ these men doctors?
  6. «You_______ from Belarus, _________ you?» «Yes, that______right».
  7. There__________ a nice lake in the forest. Let’s go!
  8. There ________no more questions, _________there?
  1. «When you ________ a small child, _________ you happy?» «Yes, I ________. I ________ very happy.»
  2. They (not) ________ ready for the lesson last Tuesday.
  3. The days_________ cold and wet last September.
  4. There ________20 pupils in our class last year.

13. I ________ill for the last few weeks.

14. Where _______ John _________ all day?

15. They (not) ________ to this part of the country.

16. «________ she________ to America? » «No, she ________.»

17. He ________ 13 years old tomorrow.

18. I ________ back home at 6 o’clock.

19. We __________ at the library at that time.

20. They __________ here at 3 o’clock.

21. They ________ happy to see us.

Упражнение 13 . Вставьте глагол tobe в нужном времени. (Present Simple / Past simple / Present Perfect / Future Simple)

Hello! Му name ________ Alan. I________ thirteen. My friend’s name ________ David. He ________ thirteen, too. We ________ from Belarus. Last summer we ________ at the seaside. The weather ________ sunny. There________ many people on the beach. We had a good time. I hope next summer it ________ sunny and warm, too. There________ a lot of nice days. I ______ never ________ to other countries. Some day in future I ________ lucky to visit London and my holidays ________ great.

1. The animals ________ in danger.

2. There ________ only a few mountain gorillas in the world now.

3. It ________ the thirty-first today.

4. The wind ________ strong yesterday.

5. We________ at the end of Cliff Road when Alan fell down.

6. What ________ the weather like yesterday?

7. I hope your leg________ better soon.

8. ________ you________ at home tomorrow?

9. _______ you ever________ to London?

10. I ________ ill for a week.

Ответы на упражнения.

2 A He’s, B He is not, C He isn’t

3 A You’re, B You are not, C You aren’t

4 A It’s , B It is not, C It isn’t

5 A They’re , B They are not, C They aren’t

1 is, 2 am, 3 am, 4 am, 5 is, 6 am, 7 am, 8 is, 9 is, 10 are, 11 is, 12 is, 13 is, 14 is, 15 is, 16 is, 17 are

1 are, 2 am, 3 are, 4 am, 5 is, 6 is, 7 is, 8 is, 9 is, 10 are, 11 are, 12 are, 13 are

1 am или ’m not, 2 is или isn’t, 3 is или isn’t, 4 is или isn’t, 5 are или aren’t, 6 am или ’m not

1 is / she’s, 2 are / they’re, 3 are / I’m, 4 is / he’s, 5 are / they’re, 6 is / she’s, 7 is / she’s или he’s.

1 am или ’m not, 2 am или ’m not , 3 are или aren’t , 4 is или isn’t, 5 are или aren’t, 6 are или aren’t, 7 is или isn’t

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1 are, 2 are, 3 is, 4 is, 5 is, 6 are

1 are, 2 is, 3 are, 4 are, 5 is

1 Was, 2 Was, 3 Were, 4 Were, 5 Was, 6 Were

1 Was, 2 Were, 3 Was, 4 Was, 5 Was

Was, were, was, were, were, was, were

1 is, 2 are / amn’t, 3 is, 4 Is / is, 5 Are, 6 are /aren’t /is, 7 is, 8 are /are, 9 were /were / was / was, 10 weren’t, 11 were, 12 were, 13 have been, 14 has john been, 15 haven’t been, 16 has she been / hasn’t, 17 will be, 18 will/shall be, 19 will/shall be, 20 will be, 21 will be

  1. Is, am, is, is, are, were, was, were, will be, will be, have never been, will/shall be, will be
  2. 1. Are, 2 are, 3 is, 4 was, 5 were, 6 was, 7 will be, 8 will you be, 9 have…been, 10 have been

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Упр.на употребление глагола to,be. I … on the left in

I am on the left in the picture

Упр вместо is, are, глаголы to, be

хорошо бы еще упражнение на употребление be в качестве модального глагола

В упражнении 2 в задании написано «Use is or are», а нужно написать «Use am, is or are».

а почему во 2 задании.к собаке используется местоимение he, а не it?

Лина, скорее всего, предложение взято из сказки.

Не обязательно из сказки. В английском говорят «she» и «he» по отношению к животным, в том случае, если это домашний любимец или же иные животные, к которым есть персональное отношения (например, по отношению к лошади).

Неплохо, для тренировки грамматики и запоминания самое то. Тоже самое бы, только с применением более широкого словарного запаса.

Спасибо, Алексей. Глагол to be изучается в самом начале пути освоения английского языка, поэтому и лексика подобрана простая))))


I. Поставьте глагол to be в нужной форме. Согласуйте его с подлежащим.

Model: My mother’s smile . pleasant.

My mother’s smile is pleasant

1. I think your advice . always useful.

2. The letter . so informative!

3. His office . in London.

4. All the furniture . home-made.

5. . he in a hurry?

6. Most young people . fond of sport.

7. What factories . your city famous for?

8. What. the main rivers of Ukraine?

II.Заполните пропуски прилагательными в сравнительной или превосходной степени. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. She thinks he’s . man in the world, smart

2. You must have as . sugar as possible, little

3. This way is . than that one. short

4. She will get. when she gets . thin, old

5. Our flat is . than yours, comfortable

6. His plan is . of all. good

7. Do you know that the Dead Sea is . in the world? salty

8. These trousers are too small. I need . size. large

III. Раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в Present Simple или Present Continuous.

Model: I. usually (go) to work by bus.

I usually go to work by bus.

1. She (not often / write) to me.

2. The book (describe) the museums of our town.

3. She usually (read) the newspaper at breakfast but she (not / read) it today.

4. They (work) at this problem at present.

5. What language they (speak) in Holland?

6. My friend always (tell) me the truth, but I see that she (tell) me a lie now.

7. My vacation (come) to an end.

8. Tom usually (play) football but today he (play) tennis.

IV. Раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в Past Simple или Present Perfect.

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1. I (read) this book when I was a child.

2. I just (post) the letter.

3. At last she (do) everything, now she can go to bed.

4. He (leave) a moment ago.

5. . you ever (be) to the Crimea?

6. Ring them up, they (return).

7. When . the lecture (begin)?

8. I (get) a fax from Boston an hour ago, but I (not / answer) it yet.

V. Заполните пропуски модальными глаголами can, can’t, could, couldn’t, must, mustn’t, didn’t have to, had to и переведите на русский язык.

1. Ann . play the piano very well.

2. They . be present at the conference yesterday.

3. You . to translate this letter at once

4. We . go to Spain for our holidays last summer.

5. I. play tennis yesterday. I. go to the dentist.

6. My mother . take the dog for a walk. I did it myself.

7. I. smoke in here.

8. All visitors . report to reception.

VI. Прочтите и переведите текст.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden used to be Britain’s biggest market for flowers, fruit and vegetables. If you went in the afternoon, you only saw enormous iron and glass buildings and a few tourists.

But if you went there at four o’clock in the morning, you would have seen that the iron and glass buildings had come to life. Hundreds of men and women were buying and selling flowers, fruit and vegetables. Cars and lorries filled the whole area. They took all the things to be sold to hundreds of shops over London and southeast England. By midday, the farmers who had come to sell their fruit and vegetables would have gone home. So would the shopkeepers, the lorry-drivers and the porters. London’s 300-year-old fruit market was moved in 1974 to its new site at Nine Elms because the old one was too small. In 1980 a reconstructed market with about 50 small shops, cafes and restaurants was opened in the old market. Street actors and musicians show their performances under the iron and glass buildings. The whole area has a new atmosphere.

Next to the old market stands the Covent Garden Opera House. It is open almost the whole year, and when the operatic company is resting or touring, the ballet company takes the stage. The ballet is a newer art for Covent Garden than the opera, but the ballet company has already become an international one since it has been going on tours abroad and has made the name of Covent Garden famous.

а) Найдите в тексте эквиваленты следующих слов и словосочетаний:

1. здание из стекла и бетона

2. тысячи мужчин и женщин

3. все, что нужно продать

4. рынок переехал

6. реконструированный рынок

7. рядом со старым рынком

8. совершать турне

В) Перепишите данные ниже предложения. Если утверждение соответствует содержанию текста, напишите рядом букву Т (True), если предложение неправильное — букву F (False)

1. Covent Garden is the market for fruit.

2. At four o’clock iron and glass building had come to life.

3. Cars and lorries filled the whole area.

4. By midday the farmers wouldn’t go home.

5. The fruit market moved to the new site because the old one was too small.

6. Next to the old market stands the Ballet House.

7. The ballet is an old art for Covent Garden.

8. Ballet company had made the name of Covent Garden famous.

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